Design Consultation

Interior consultation services help enhance your interiors and guide you in the right direction. We will assist with all of your questions about your space. From draperies to plumbing fixtures, from flooring to wall coverings, from questions about scale, furniture, lighting, and color palette collections… We’ve got this covered.

Virtual Design Services

This is gaining popularity and with good reason. Life today does not leave much time for personal time and thought. This is where Virtual Design Services might be a good option for you. First, we discuss budget and style. Next, my team will review images of your current space. Then, you will then receive a mood board, a floor plan or 3D, a shopping list, and design specs. Finally, you decide how far you want to go.

Site Measurement & Assessment

There is a multitudes of critical details when measuring a space. Tiga Design Offers on -site measurement to assist with your project.


Need some renderings to see what your space will look like or for your design and build general contractor , Tiga offers 2D and 3D renderings and space planning so your job get’s done right.

Design & Build

This service is where you have peace of mind during your renovation. I come by and over see your project small to large a stop by or watch over your hired contractors while you’re away, to busy or just don’t want to be burden with everyday construction and trust of your contractors. Receive pictures/reports of your construction job, following Osha practice, making sure your floors, furniture and walls covered for your job, and keeping your contractors honest.

Design Concepts / Mood Boards

Looking for inspiration for your space that meets your personality and meet your budget specifically for you. We can create a physical or digital collage that relates to your everyday function & lifestyle. What We Do: We gather ideas, inspiration, form, function and appropriate scale and textures, just for you utilizing your existing or new space with your own style of living, practical day to day comfort and within your budget. What Will You Get: You will receive interior design mood board with 2 options of full print or virtual with full specs and cost up front for you to purchase quickly and efficiently.

Down sizing / Family Dynamic Shifts

Make the Most of Your Square footage ! We understand that life changes, merging households, or giving up that once large living space and wonderful theater seating or huge cup holder sectional sofa & now you need make some sacrifices. When it comes to furnishing your space. Whether your moving from a house to an apartment, retiring, or becoming a single parent or merging families will and may require adjustments to your new home. sounds exhausting and distressing. Good news leave it up to the pros and let us be handle on refurnishing’s your space. that can be time and cost effective we can help you get a new start on life. Better yet, we do all the legwork while you’re busy working on your family, career, and new circumstances.

Design For All / Universal Design

(Design does not have to be a disadvantage or stigmatize of any group of user) Lifestyle changes and aging we’re all going to be there one day and there is no way out of it. Universal design is what some would think ADA disability. I like to call it universal design with which means, concept of making living and work space equally comfortable, safe and accessible regardless of individual physical limitations or special needs, We strive to understand your individual client’s needs and offer beautiful design without look of accessibility from furniture, accessories, proper lighting controls, safe stairs, and better baths, grab bars proper flooring, faucet controls. Door knobs and Coming up with specialized design.

Importance Values Of Lighting Design

Lighting design and materials don’t have to be expensive. Let’s us do the work for you. Lighting is one element of interior design that is often overlooked and many clients, builders and designers find this difficult and costly and is often avoided in scale and color temperature. (Let us find your Style of lighting at a fraction of the cost without high mark up of retail) 1. Scale – The appropriate size for your space, furniture and color out put 2. Function – Complement furniture, color schemes and art work how we feel in a space. 3. Form –Accent lighting, indoor/outdoor cove lighting, Lamps, ceiling, chandeliers. 4. Texture – Distinguishing the way light bounces off surfaces of different textures. 5. Color – Illuminating color temperatures & different aspects of a given space. 6. Style – What’s your signature style lighting and scale & proportion


Offering staging services, in definition we like to call this a method of design to showcase your space and show its best assets, impress the buyer and sell it quickly at the highest possible price. Whether it’s using your own furniture, renting or even a mixture of both and offering free in home consulting. Our Services assist with doing all leg work for you so you can focus on looking for your new home.

Festive Design

Don’t want to do deal with the Entertainment craziness of getting ready for those special events. We provided services for new and existing seasonal décor, temporary party staging for those special parties, Services include lighting, shopping of décor and rental furniture for your home & commercial space that meet your individual needs and style. In addition we are extremely careful using proper applications and the removal & packing of décor.

Shopping & Trips To Showrooms

Looking for the right furnishings that is proper scale, style and functionality is so important when visiting showrooms, if shopping not your thing, we offer shopping and face time at the showrooms so you can enjoy doing what your best at. from my previous experience most clients love meeting at the showrooms and working as a team.

Let’s discuss your vision today! 
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